Greetings from China to Benjamin Kleibrink!
Li Ming Yang
4 Dec, 2015 06:27
 Li Ming yang, No.15 Laocheng Street, JiYang, 251400, ShanDong province, P.R.CHINA Dear Benjamin: Greetings from China! I'm Li Ming yang, a Chinese boy who likes Benjamin Kleibrink very much! As a faithful fence fan, I regard Benjamin as my idol! I have read the book about your story. As a successful fencer, you made great contributions to your country! Great woman such as you will never be forgotten by the world! Although, you live far away from China, there are still many faithful fans in China! And you won the Olympic 2008 champion here! Benjamin, welcome to China! I have a small request: it is my dream to get your autographed photos of Benjamin Kleibrink! If you could send me one, I will keep it forever. Thanks very much! Finally, I wish you all the best! I am very confident that Benjamin Kleibrink could get greater success in 2016! Best regards, Li Ming yang The Supporter of Benjamin Kleibrink